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PIKESABER - Cork/Duplon Fighting Butt - 10 Weight 9'00" 4 Piece Specialist Pike Fly Rod


Multi-modulus carbon blank with spiral wrap for strength and performance.

FUJI S.I.C. lined butt guides with S/Steel tip and intermediates.

Complete with cloth bag and aircraft-friendly crush-proof travel tube.


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Now available with Cork and Duplon butt (to order only) in 4-5 days!

PIKESABER - 10 Weight 9'00" 4 Piece Specialist PIKE Fly Rod

"The PIKESABER is the Pike Fly Rod that all others will be judged by".

That is the claim that we made for this rod when we unleashed it onto an unsuspecting market over three years ago. In the time that it has been available, those claims have not only become reality, they have been surpassed.

The way that the rod has been received has been nothing short of amazing; to quote Brad Bohen, the "Afton Angler" and Musky King,

"The PIKESABER is now my all-time-favourite #1 Musky-Stick! I'm fully impressed with the full range of PIKESABER attributes....constuction, cosmetics, performance - power, weight, loading, sensitivity, fish-handling you name it, it does it in spades!"

......... and this boy uses BIG flies!

Brad Bohen AKA the Afton Angler

Brad Bohen - Musky Country Outfitters - Zero 2 Hero


This rod has been designed by pike fly anglers FOR pike fly anglers, and this is evident in the look, the feel and the handling.

This pike fly rod is a delight to use. It is both light and strong and throws large pike flies with ease. The unground blank means that the rod is finished in an uncompromised, "as-manufactured" state, which retains maximum strength within the blank walls and ensures that all of the materials used in construction are doing their job properly. The spiral wrap is also unadulterated, which defies torsion building up within the blank, and so is the hard-baked resin outer coating, which maximises durability of the finish and length of life. No varnish to flake off!

To Quote Dave 'McFluffchucker' Lyndsay -

Dave Mcfluffchucker Lyndsay

"So all in all this rod has been very well thought out by pike fly anglers and they have come up with probably the best pike fly rod on the market at a great price. It really doesn't matter if you're looking for an entry level rod or stepping up to the next level this rod will be the only rod you will ever need, and at under 200 pounds UK this rod is far better than rods costing 4 times that much. I really cannot fault it in anyway , if you're a pike fly angler you really need to own one of these."


The FUJI butt guide and stripping ring are S.I.C. lined with three legs, and provide smooth line control when bent into a fish. The stainless steel oversized intermediate guides and hayfork tip ring are also of top quality, and have been proved by many years of research to be the best configuration for fly rods, enabling the angler to cast maximum distance with minimum effort.

All of the whippings on the rod are protected by ultra-hard resins, and as you would expect on a rod of this calibre, the finish is second to none. The quality of the rod is evident throughout; from the no-frills solid and dependable double-screw anodized reel-fitting, right up to the tip ring. In short, it is as "bomb-proof" as you can get!

The raised profile of the spiral wrap allows the fly lines to slip through the rings without ‘sticking' to the rod like it does on smooth ground blanks, especially on the back-cast, where the fly line comes into contact with the blank. With PIKESABER's spiral blank profile, more line can be released on the back-cast which loads the rod better, enabling the angler to cast further, and quicker, than ever before. This is something we have yet to see in any of our competitors.

The Cork and Duplon fighting butt allows the angler to exert maximum pressure on the fish, whilst still keeping full control of the rod. Playing pike for too long is something that pike fly rods have been criticised for in the past, as an exhausted pike can take a long while to recover, or even die in extreme circumstances. With the PIKESABER the pike fly angler can control the pike without needlessly tiring it, as a full battle-curve is not going to stress the blank or the fittings in any way. If you want to "bully" a big fish, you certainly can!

The ultra-powerful parabolic fighting curve is emphasized by the four-piece design, and subdues big fish very quickly and effortlessly, without losing any of the feel of a genuine fly fishing rod. This rod is not a poker, it is a genuine fly fishing rod that is a real pleasure to use.

Like all top-quality fly rods, this rod has been thoroughly tested and proved in the most exacting of conditions. From the heat of high summer right through to the depths of the hardest winter experienced in Britain for many years, it performed superbly in all conditions and in all areas.

This rod has been given a line weight rating in accordance with standard IGFA ratings of rod loading and performance. As with all fly rods, it has been rated to cast a double taper line, and if used with a standard weight-forward line the rating is one weight higher. PIKESABER is rated as a #10 double taper or #11 weight-forward. Some modern lines in current use, such as "bug" taper or "pike" taper lines, have their "ideal" loading weight built into a much shorter length at the front end of the fly line, and once this has reached the tip ring the line must be shot forwards, otherwise an unbalance occurs in the path of the line as it flies in the air. This leads to big "open" loops developing in the back-cast, which in turn leads to loss of momentum and poor turnover on the forward stroke. PIKESABER will quite happily handle weight forward lines up to #12, indeed I use one myself in big winds.

If you choose to use flies made with materials that soak up water, e.g. flies made with natural furs and feathers, you may find that it will pay to use a line of one or two weights lighter, as the extra weight of the heavy fly loads the rod in a different way and can lead to overloading the rod. In fly rods, it should be the line that loads the rod, NOT the lure on the end. THIS IS FLY-FISHING, NOT PLUG FISHING! If you are struggling to aerialise the fly, then it is simply too heavy and you should try something lighter or smaller.

With a PIKESABER and a standard #11 weight-forward fly line you will be able to cast a full 30 metre line with a fly of up to nine inches long with a little practice, provided the fly is made from synthetic materials. Many professional angling guides use our rods, and they use big flies!

The design of PIKESABER is an eclectic mix of old and new technologies, incorporating the best of both worlds. It is constructed from the latest, lightest and strongest 30-ton and 40-ton carbon cloths, using a blank design that is perfect for fly rods. The four-section format offers unparralleled recovery speed and uniformity of curve during bending. This avoids dead spots and lets the "feel" of the blank shine through during battle.

The extra stiffness and rapid recovery of the unground blank allows the pike angler to punch out big pike flies with heavy fly lines into gale-force winds with ease. The turnover is superb on the forward cast, and the rod's action forms tight loops on the back-cast, which helps with super-fast loading and compression. Weighing in at only 140 grammes, the rod feels incredibly light in the hand and is a pleasure to use for long periods without inducing fatigue.


Ken Capsey on the PIKESABER -

Ken Capsey


"The PIKESABER is a work horse and I love it! If I had one rod to fish the rest of my pike life with this is the one!"


Another useful feature of the rod is the use of subtle ring-alignment dots on each spigot, which ensures faultless performance with maximum ease, every time the rod is put together.

PIKESABER comes supplied complete with a cloth rod bag and a nice, strong fabric-covered tube with zip closure at one end. At just 33 1/2" long, it is extremely practical for the travelling angler and will fit in most overhead lockers on aircraft.

The rod is 9 feet in length, and breaks down into 4 sections. The butt section is 31 3/4" long, and the other three sections are uniform at 28 1/2" long.


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